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Here are ideas

map ideas

• car shop

• bank

• coffee shop
game modes

• team death match

• free for all

• capture the flag


praty game modes


• gun game

• hide and seek

• battle royale
other things
• able to heal

• how many duplicate you got and you can return them for a camos 

•  camos

•  i got 3 duplicates of the 1 test gun

•  the testing gun needs to be more rare like 15% of a chance make it do more damage

•  since the tests should have the gun make that be there gift for testing so the gun is more rare

• add other testing gifts

• key bids

•  auto reload

•  auto sprite key         press hold   w     shift   and press =    let go and u keep running  and u stop u press one of the move keys

• to make a few bucks when you get this all done and upload the steam one make a few coin pack 10$ pack 500 coins 20$ pack 1000 coins 30$ pack 2000 100$ pack 2500 because they would be more money because case are 100 coins and they get so many packs with lots of coins

•  dm on Instagram Realtube4life 


This game has been under massive construction since last update. The game is getting ready to go viral and have a chance to be noticed by bigger companies and get more sponsors. The game has recently been sponsored by some companies and we have added a lot of what you have mentioned. The game will be updated in the next year but we have been trying our best to make it a good experience for our players.

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Ok thats cool i am just loveing your game and hopefully its a free game and take your time on the game so its a sweat nice game its just get kind of boring playing the same mode and if this game is going to cost money i would love to get a free steam code for it and be able to play it on my YouTube when you do make it a steam game bc im already max level i would like to donate but im broke lol so i cant sorry but you should also add a shop where you can buy stuff with ur coins and i think there your good take your time and ill try to support by uploading a video on it and telling ppl about this game.


Wow! Nice game! but when will multiplayer come? you haven't updated for months!

Currently making multiplayer in the game but at a slower pace then wanted to. I've had to recreate this game several times to make multiplayer work and it's very ruff. I cannot tell you an estimate time for multiplayer but working on it when I'm not working on Uni.


funciona para ubuntu 14,04??

Yes it will work.


just downloaded bc of @wooblyfootgamer video


great game!!!!!! When will the next update come? You do have a problem with the pause menu because my cursor won’t pop up! I’m on Mac btw 

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Yes about the new update and pause menu fix. The game is getting transferred to a better computer and the file is massive. It will be about a couple days before the next update will come + fixing the pause menu cursor.


Wow, I had a play of the first level and I have to say it has a lot of potential. Admittedly, there are some bugs that do need ironing out but your getting there. Well done




Thank you for this amazing video! Yes there are many bugs that still needed to be worked on and our team is trying their best in the next update to fix a lot of them.  if you have any suggestions for future updates, feel free to comment them.



fun hope update comes


thank you! This  game will be receiving an update about every week. We hope you like the future changes!


looks really fun downloading it now